Hi, I am Spa-ced, and I review games and other things. I am currently inexperienced with this kind of stuff, to me this is a hobby. I do this for fun as I don’t have many constructive things to do other than school. Meaning I have a bit of free time on my hands and that’s why I created this, Spa-ced. I got help from a few family members to set this up and help me along the way. I believe that people should get a good review on a particular game and know what it is like without spoilers of sorts. What I am trying to do is give people a reason to Play and buy the game or a reason not to. I want to create a non-biased review that gives two sides of an argument, What’s good and what’s bad. I have been playing games almost my whole life, so I have a fair bit of knowledge to help me when reviewing, also when playing the game. I have played many kinds of consoles such as PC, Playstation, Xbox, Wii and much more the list goes on. To sum it all up, I may not be the most experienced, but again this is just a hobby.