Dishonored 2
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9.2A new favourite
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I never played the original Dishonoured I haven’t played a lot of the originals as proven in my other reviews. I came into this not expecting much and to put it bluntly; it completely and utterly smashed my expectations. I had so much fun in the game sneaking around the missions performing. Takedowns and doing some badass finishes, but oh lord was it painful. Sneaking around was difficult, and it was almost impossible without the ability Dark Vision to make it a little easier I recommend it getting it in the early game.
At the start of the game, you will be given an option, Corvo or Emily and this acquaints to who you will be playing in the future game although the only huge difference is the set of powers. The dialogue is almost Identical with the exception of the voices and unmistakably the names.  This demonstrates the individuality with each playthrough as each playthrough isn’t the same as the last. In each mission, you will need to change your tactics as with each mission you need to take different approaches as it may be too difficult to stick with one throughout the entire game. On top of that in the second and possibly the third playthrough you will find stuff you didn’t find in the previous maybe you take a bit of time in the next playthrough to just stop a minute and appreciate all the detail that the developers have given you.
In each mission the levels are designed beautifully, the graphics and the level of detail put into the maps are astonishing there is secret allies, doorways and paths to help you through the task at hand. There is even little collectables like the runes and bone charms which enhance your gameplay and offer powers. The only problem is sometimes they are near blood fly nests, and those things are the scariest things in existence the buzzing just made my skin crawl. Other than that the level design was great. The combat feels fluent and excellent although I had a bad time with the clockwork soldiers at first I couldn’t figure out how to kill them but other than that the combat was great.


Overall Dishonored 2 is a fantastic game and doesn’t have many flaws. It may get a tiny bit repetitive if you constantly die and on top of that, the graphics are great, the combat is great, and the level designs are great. I had a superb time playing it, and you should totally get the game as well. That’s if you think I’ve convinced you enough :D.
That’s why I’m going to give it a 9.2