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Overwatch is the most recent game I have purchased, and to be honest, I have played the crap out of it.
Overwatch is a High-paced  6v6 multiplayer FPS, revolving around 21 playable characters. With the 21 characters, there are four groups; Offense, Defence, Tank and Support. Every character has a unique role to play. What makes overwatch different from other games is you can switch characters mid-game. So if your team isn’t performing particularly well, you can change characters to adapt to the Opposing teams play. Each and every character has a counter, so if an opposing player is doing exceptionally well, you can change to another character to modify the outcome and vice versa. Ok enough about the mechanics and let’s jump into what the game did well in and what it did poorly.
There is a huge variety of characters to play from that will prevent you from getting bored. Although it has all this variety, there isn’t that much when it comes to game modes. Unlike other FPS’s Overwatch doesn’t have nearly as many game modes. All overwatches game modes are, are objective based. For example King of the Hill, Escort the payload and a hybrid between two types of game modes. To cut it short a significant variation in playable characters however as far as game modes go, it’s not as amazing.

With each character, there is a unique set of skills.

Each skill has an ability whether it be healing or to deal damage they all have a part to do. If you use the skills well and efficiency you can set up great combos bringing out the real potential of your character. However, some skills can be bugged and make the game not as enjoyable. For example, road hogs hook. If you’re hooked, you can be pulled through a building. It’s small things like this that sometimes make the game frustrating.
The game balances its characters for the most part, but again there are a few little things that annoy most players. Well, this is why the developers do something called nerfing and buffing. I can see them trying to fix the problems. I know a lot of work has been put into the development of the game and overall it’s an excellent game that millions of people enjoy playing.


Overall I think it’s a great game with fantastic characters, the stories and the skills of the characters are enjoyable and what brings the game to life.
I love the kind of tactics that come with the game, and a few of my friends will agree. However, as I have said, myself and a few friends agree with me on the fact that there isn’t much diversity in the area of game modes.
Around about online I see a few posts saying overwatch should be free. I do understand the aspect of why people say that but personally, I think with the amount of effort and the depth behind it is just too unique for it to be free. From all these pros and cons I think that the pros heavily outweigh the cons and therefore I am giving this game an 8.5/10