Titanfall 2
9.3A new favourite
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Being new to the Titanfall franchise I didn’t know what to expect. I only played the first one a few times on the multiplayer mode. I remember it is good, but I’m not here to talk about the first TitanFall am I? I am here to speak of the newest edition to the franchise. Titanfall 2 has a fantastic campaign not often seen in FPS’s. Although it’s not the storyline that’s great, it is how the story is portrayed through its maps, weapons and even the characters. The multiplayer is just as fun with a somewhat wide variety of game modes that could keep you busy for a while.


The campaign revolves around Jack Cooper a rifleman and Vanguard class Titan BT-7472 otherwise known as BT. The Campaign starts with the two stranded on a planet named Typhon after their ship was taken down by the IMC. The two engage in what seems like a predictable relationship of mutual respect. I was secretly hoping for a witty relationship filled with humour, but I guess the current relationship is fine… Anyway, the maps in the campaign were fantastic it gave people more than enough room to wall run, sprint and explore. I also loved the layout of the map it gives that oomph those great platformers give and what FPS’s don’t give. I also enjoy the weapons just as much it feels like each enemy has a different weapon and they are all fun to use, My personal favourite is the auto shotgun. To conclude, the campaign was a joy to play all 5 and a half hours of it.


Being new to the series I was a little confused as I thought there was a lot of players in the game but it turns out it was just AI. They aren’t very strong, but they play a significant role in the game mode Bounty Hunter. Bounty Hunter is possible my favourite game mode. The multiplayer has extensive customization with not just weapons but with Titans as well. I loved that you could change how you look, just the tactical equipment. There are quite a lot of weapons not as much as what the call of duty weapons but I find the Titanfall weapons are more fun to use. Just like the campaign the maps are well made and get you feel like a badass as you wall run, grapple and slide around the map and even dying doesn’t appear like a penalty as you get to slide back into action. To conclude, I enjoyed every aspect of the multiplayer and will continue to play it.


I loved this game, and it is possibly my most favourited game of 2016.
The map design the customization and even the campaign they all was amazing and while I’m giving it a 9.3/10