0.5Great game
To put it out there, right now this is probably my most favourite game of the year. Even though the graphics weren’t great and I wasn’t expecting much, it took me by surprise. The story of a young boy falling into a hole on a mountain. In the hole was where the monsters were locked away, otherwise known as the underground. The humans and monsters fought a massive war where man came out on top.
I am going to have a huge struggle with not spoiling anything significant. The first time I played Undertale I was a bit confused as I’ve never actually gone near this kind of RPG. It was a bit of a struggle at first as I didn’t quite know what to do and I often fought the enemies not knowing it would affect the endings.  The second time I went through I played a more peaceful character not attacking but saving every monster it proved to be a challenge, but it is possible.
I think I preferred the more friendly route as the dialogue and just interacting with the monsters was fun and entertaining. You can even pet a lesser dog so much that its head physically goes off the screen. There was never a dull moment in Undertale as I always had fun while playing.
The graphics were horrible and at times so were the animations, but the in-depth story and the quirky puzzles make up for it, and so do the characters. Whether it be a skeleton that loves puns or Undyne, the badass fish lady. All of it was excellently written making me want to play it a third time.


Overall I loved this game and everything about it, even though the graphics aren’t great it brings out the story even more. It makes it stand out from everything else and that’s what this makes this game great. The quirky characters flatter and add humour to the story. I like almost all the main story characters, but I think my favourite character has to be Sans. Anyway, after all, this, I have to give it a 10.